In Marseille, the anti Airbnb are setting up a brigade, their objective: to burglarize and eradicate multi-owners

Alexandre Boero

Clubic news manager

December 27, 2023 at 4:34 p.m.


Old Port of Marseille © Iurii Dzivinskyi /

Marseille © Iurii Dzivinskyi /

The anti Airbnb use all stratagems to undermine the platform in Marseille, even if it means flirting with the limits of the law, by turning into burglars.

We can say it, in Marseille, we don’t do things by halves to show our indignation towards the too important place taken by Airbnb. After the commando of Phocaeans who sprayed buildings and stole keys, here are the Marseillais militant burglars. Coffee makers, dishes, hair dryers and others… Anti-Airbnb people claim their misdeeds and their ambition: to put an end to the phenomenon in their city.

A group of Marseillais claims an “Airbnb raid”

They proudly assume their identity. “They” are the members of the “Ami & Co” brigade, a name which was not chosen at random and which deserves a little context. In Marseille, the deputy mayor in charge of housing is named Patrick Amico. Okay, that was easy. But imagine that the gentleman is not a great friend of the anti-Airbnb people.

If he recognizes a problem of hyperconcentration of Airbnb type accommodation in Marseille districts such as that of Le Panier, he considers that a total of 12,000 accommodations present on short-term rental platforms for the Marseille city alone, this does not t’s not so huge for a city whose surface area is more than twice that of Paris.

Now, let’s try to understand the “Ami & Co”. Near Provencethe collective is satisfied with having achieved a “ Airbnb search “. The authors of the e-mail sent to the editorial staff indicate having committed “ searches » in many furnished tourist accommodations. Understand that they actually deprived these homes of many assets, according to them.

Airbnb Logo © Poetra.RH /

Airbnb Logo © Poetra.RH /

This would only be the beginning of actions aimed at eradicating Airbnb from the Marseille city

Captioned photos in support, the “Ami & Co” claim to have removed lamps, hair dryers, dishes, ovens, shower heads, kitchen utensils and soulless paintings from the accommodation. Add to that 6 kg of coffee makers, 5 kg of padlocks and 8 kg of duvets and pillows, and even Christmas garlands! Not the recipe for a new trendy dish, but a nice haul all the same.

But then, how do they justify this imposing and heavy (literally and figuratively) task? “ Purchases of apartments in spades, cardboard renovations, rentals at exorbitant prices, recommendations for new trendy addresses… and the deal is in the bag », Indicates the collective, which rails against multi-owners who contribute to the replacement of real inhabitants by tourists. And according to them, their apartments are easily recognizable: some Swedish Ikea furniture, a padlock, and a decoration that has already been seen and reviewed. The stolen items are then distributed to residents of the city.

And this is obviously only the beginning, according to the members of the collective. “ These searches are only the beginning of a broader project, which aims to eradicate Airbnbs and the presence of their multi-owners in the Marseille city. “, declares the group. The Airbnb platform states that it has not received any complaints of this type from these hosts. Is there a liar? Don’t we want to publicize the matter more than that? Will Ami & Co really move up a gear? In Marseille, the return of More beautiful life, even more beautiful will not surprise the real Marseillais who, for their part, will have nothing to envy of the stories told in the program.

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