In Paris, the snatch victory and Clément Beaune’s “Chirac campaign”

At the end of the suspense, Clément Beaune, Minister Delegate in charge of Europe, was elected deputy for the 7th constituency of Paris.

Moist heat and thunderstorm rumbling in the distance, Sunday evening’s weather is in perfect harmony with the suspense of this election night. The activists and supporters of Clément Beaune, gathered at Bota Bastoch’, a Parisian brasserie in the 12th arrondissement, have their eyes riveted on television. Beers and pizzas relax the atmosphere a bit, but the defeats of ministers Amélie de Montchalin and Brigitte Bourguignon and the rule set by Emmanuel Macron – a departure from the government in the event of failure – are on everyone’s mind.

Around 9:30 p.m., when LCI displays the face of Clément Beaune with the figure 50.8%, the rejoicing is of a short second. “It’s an estimate”, immediately temper several voices in the room. The results of the Minister Delegate in charge of Europe, who is rubbing shoulders with universal suffrage for the first time, are ultra tight.

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“This is my first electoral fight, it was difficult”

10:10 p.m., a huge clap of thunder echoes outside, then shouts of joy follow seconds later in the brick-walled brasserie. The results are confirmed, Clément Beaune is now a deputy. In this 7th district of Paris, 658 voters tipped the balance. “It’s my first electoral fight, it was difficult”, will recognize the new deputy in front of his supporters.

At 40, Emmanuel Macron’s “Mr. Europe” was in an unfavorable ballot against the representative of the Nupes alliance, Caroline Mecary, a 59-year-old lawyer, who came out on top in the first round with 40.43% of the votes against. 35.81% for the minister.

Around 10:30 p.m., after a visit to the Elysée then to Matignon, Clément Beaune finally arrives at this one-night HQ, greeted by “And for Clément go, go”, shouted by his supporters, including many young people. But the new deputy did not yield to triumphalism. “Let’s be realistic, humble, we won hard,” he said, addressing a word to his rival and “especially for the activists who accompanied her, the voters who voted for her”. “We went for voice after voice but many voters in this constituency of Paris voted here for the alliance led by France Insoumise. (…) We fought it, we won in a difficult context, we won with the heart, with our values, for Europe, for our country to change, also hearing the messages, the hopes and the difficulties on Ecology, on public services. Our youth have sometimes sent us difficult messages in these boroughs in particular, we must listen”.

“I thanked him for this Father’s Day gift”, smiles Philippe Beaune

His father Philippe Beaune, teacher-researcher in biochemistry, had the right to the first embrace. “He didn’t tell me anything, he was visibly happy, I thanked him for this Father’s Day gift,” he told Paris Match. “I’m happy for him. I think he does well. Europe has always been a passion for him, I don’t think there are many people who know Europe like him”, greets this proud dad who campaigned “a little” alongside his son .


“This campaign was one of the most physical that I have known, explains for his part Jean-Jacques Curiel”, national secretary of the Radical Party, 40 years of political life, who even sees in it “a similarity to the Chirac campaign “. “We had to go and snatch each voice,” he continues. “Stairwell by stairwell, we targeted everyone who might be convinced. Beyond that it was irrational,” added André, a 57-year-old activist.

Around 11 p.m., after a few television interviews, Clément Beaune drops the jacket and shares a drink with his supporters. The evening continues outside the press. Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the Minister of Energy Transition, passes a head. The militants savor this victory between them, one of the “rare good news of the evening”.

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