In Peru, the home of interim president Dina Boluarte raided for undeclared luxury watches

The home of Peru’s interim president, Dina Boluarte, was searched in the evening of Friday March 30 as part of an investigation into illicit enrichment. The manager is suspected of not having declared a collection of luxury watches in her assets.

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According to a police document, to which Agence France-Presse had access, around forty agents and magistrates were mobilized “with the aim of searching the house and seizing the Rolex watches”. This search was carried out as part of an investigation opened by the public prosecutor for suspicion of“illicit enrichment” And “failure to declare assets”.

Questioned on Saturday morning on RPP radio and television, Peruvian Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen denounced this search. “What happened is an intolerable attack on the dignity of the Presidency of the Republic and the nation it represents. These actions are disproportionate and unconstitutional”he lamented.

Dina Boluarte claims to have “clean hands”

The affair broke out after a local news site, La Encerronapublished on March 15 a series of photos showing Mme Boluarte sporting different luxury watches – around fifteen in total – undeclared when she was both minister of social inclusion and vice-president, between July 2021 and December 2022. Among them, at least one steel Rolex and eighteen-carat pink gold, set with diamonds and estimated at 19,000 dollars (approximately 17,565 euros).

After the survey was broadcast, Mme Boluarte, who benefits from presidential immunity, assured that he had the “clean hands” and only owning a watch of a certain age, bought with his savings. “I entered the Government Palace with clean hands and I will leave with clean hands, as I promised the Peruvian people”, she said. Mme Boluarte became president in December 2022 after the impeachment and arrest of left-wing head of state Pedro Castillo, of whom she was vice president.

Furthermore, the president, aged 61, is already the subject of an investigation for “genocide, aggravated homicide and serious injuries” after the death of more than 50 people during the two months of social unrest which accompanied her accession to the head of state.

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