In Venezuela, a 79-year-old academic will be the opposition candidate in the presidential election

Maria Corina gives way to Corina. Dubbed, in October 2023, by the primaries of the opposition coalition in Venezuela, but struck by ineligibility by a court decision in January, the opponent Maria Corina Machado announced Friday March 22 that she was ceding the candidacy of the opposition union – the Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD) – to Corina Yoris, a university professor with no political experience. On July 28, Mme Yoris will face socialist President Nicolas Maduro, candidate for a third term, at the polls.

A graduate of philosophy and letters, holder of a doctorate in history, member of the Language Academy, Corina Yoris, who will celebrate her 80th birthday in May, has had a brilliant academic career. But she is completely unknown to voters. His appointment created a surprise. It put an end to the discussions and negotiations which, for weeks, agitated the PUD parties.

Maria Corina Machado, who had initially ruled out withdrawing from the presidential race, waited until the last moment to announce that she agreed to be ” represent “. “Corina does not replace Maria Corina, she represents her”insist those close to Mme Machado.

“We are in the same boat”

The five-day deadline for submitting presidential candidacies was to end Monday March 25 at midnight. Saturday late afternoon, Mme Yoris had not yet been able to register his name. On its X account, the PUD protested against the fact that the “blockage” of the National Electoral Council (CNE) website prevented you from connecting to the platform to register. The opponents suspected a maneuver by the authorities to prevent Mme Yonis to register. Mme Machado called out the international community on X.

The name of Mme Yoris had been announced the day before, in Caracas, during a press conference at Maria Corina Machado’s campaign headquarters. “We have found an honorable person, in whom I have complete confidence, to lead this campaign with the support and confidence of all,” declared the opponent, before warning: “I will continue to travel across Venezuela to bring strength and hope throughout the country. We are in the same boat. We are a great team. »

For his part, Mme Yoris said she was ready to take on ” the challenge “. She spoke of her “tremendous commitment to the people, the citizens and Maria Corina”. The two women reported that Maria Corina Machado had not given up on her candidacy, without specifying how she planned to achieve this.

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