Ina Paule Klink: "Wilsberg" star starts a new chapter without a cover

Ina Paule Klink (40) is about to break up. After 20 years in the role of attorney Alexandra Holtkamp, ​​she left the ZDF crime series "Wilsberg" at the end of June. How does the upcoming farewell feel to you? "As if you were moving out with mom and dad. I'm going with love and gratitude," she says in the magazine interview of the German July issue of the men's magazine "Playboy". The actress looks for new challenges – and starts to drop the covers.

"It's not a decision against 'Wilsberg', but for the other things that I've had to neglect over the years," she says. The 40-year-old wants to advance her music career. She has no jitters of what may come. "I would say that I have never felt so brave and strong as I did at 40. I have never been in peace with myself." This is also the reason why she opted for the revealing shoot. The actress wants to "be looking for adventure as long as possible" – and the "Playboy" is one of them.

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