Incredible pictures – is there anything left to save? Spoiler: Yes, and how!

Some people are not very particular about tidiness and cleanliness in their car. The ashtray is overflowing, empty pizza boxes are piling up, leftover food is rotting away. All harmless – compared to what a British car detailer had to deal with. It’s unbelievable that he found a car under this dirt!

Even the professional was amazed: “I’ve seen a lot, but this pretty much beats everything,” said Craig Davies, who founded his car detailing company eleven years ago in Wales (more precisely in Haverfordwest/Pembrokeshire), to Wales Online.” I’ve found dead animals in cars or mushrooms growing out of the carpet. But here I thought: How am I supposed to do this alone in one day?” But the 39-year-old didn’t hesitate and got to work. “First of all, I expanded everything. I either threw the rubbish away or collected it in plastic bags.” This included countless syringes and medicine bottles, as well as paperwork such as prescriptions. Apparently a country veterinarian was driving the car. Then wet vacuum and brush, brush, brush. But not by hand: “You can’t do this without a drill with a brush attached. The dirt was practically built into the carpet.”Davies has won many awards with his company called Premier Shine Detailing – he definitely deserved another for his work on this VW.
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