Ingenious trick: This is how your Xiaomi cell phone gets an additional button

With a simple trick, you can add not just one, but even two virtual keys to your Xiaomi smartphone. This is activated by tapping the back of the phone twice or three times and running MIUI shortcuts. In this article, NextPit explains how to activate the double-tap function on your Xiaomi smartphone and take screenshots at lightning speed, start the camera app and much more.

Apple started the trend of tapping on the back of a smartphone with the back tap feature introduced in iOS 14. It goes without saying that Google and other Android manufacturers then began to introduce similar gestures. For example, MIUI 12 has the back-tap function, which you can use to assign various shortcuts to the smartphone, which you activate by double or triple tapping on the back.

This is how you activate the MIUI back-tap function on your Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. calls the settings on.
  2. go to Additional settings
  3. go to shortcuts to gestures.
  4. Chooses back tap.
  5. Chooses Double back tap and Triple back tap the end.
  6. Choose which function you want to associate with the gesture.

Xiaomi’s back-tap function offers a lot of shortcuts in MIUI / © NextPit.

With the back-tap function, you can quickly:

  • take a screenshot
  • access the control center
  • show the notification window
  • start the Google Assistant
  • start the camera
  • open the calculator
  • switch to silent mode
  • view the history of user interface issues

Below is a brief demonstration of the double-tap gesture to take a screenshot on Xiaomi 11T Pro running MIUI 12.5.

That’s it for our little back-tap how-to. Did you already know the feature or are you already using it on your Xiaomi cell phone? And which function do you associate with the double or triple tip?

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