Ingo Nommsen: The moderator reports a bad corona disease

Ingo Nommsen
Moderator reports bad corona disease

Ingo Nommsen was struggling with a corona infection.

© imago images / Sven Simon

There were no updates from Ingo Nommsen for three weeks. Now the moderator reports on the violent course of his corona disease.

For three weeks it was quiet on the social media channels of journalist and presenter Ingo Nommsen (50, “Volle Kanne”). Now he explains in an Instagram video, why: “Corona took me there – almost.” He has only been back on his feet for a good half a week. The disease was really bad, says Nommsen. Then he goes into detail.

Sense of smell still not returned

“For the first week and a half I didn’t eat anything, hardly slept at night, and when I did, I sometimes lay on my floorboard for hours because I couldn’t lie in bed because of the headache and body aches. Plus sweats, chills, the full program .. . “, says the former ZDF presenter. Once the paramedics even stood in front of his door and wanted to take him to the hospital. “Fortunately, we let that go again.”

The course of the disease was like an ascent and descent. After two weeks he liked the food again. “That was a very, very great moment.” However, his sense of smell has still not fully recovered. “It’s really not fun. Nobody wants to have Corona, nobody should have it either, and I wish you from the bottom of my heart that you stay healthy and protect yourself.”

“A whole new attitude towards life”

Nommsen immediately celebrated his recovery with a visit to the barber, where he parted with his quarantine-related full beard, as he records in another video. “A new beard cut gives me a whole new attitude towards life, I finally recognize myself”, the 50-year-old is visibly pleased.