Ingrid Alexandra from Norway, Leonor from Spain, Victoria from Sweden… Who are the future queens of Europe?

She also seems to have a strong character and her head on her shoulders: the eldest of three siblings, the big sister of Alexia (17) and Ariane (15) has spent the equivalent of bachelor’s degree last year and decided to take a private gap year before going to university. Very protected by her father, King Willem-Alexander, she spent several months on an internship or volunteering in foundations and should now begin her higher education.

A strong character that Elisabeth of Belgium also has: at 20, the young girl is the eldest of the 4 children of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, also parents of Gabriel, 18, Emmanuel, 16 and Eléonore 14. . A distant descendant of Empress Sissi, she will become the first Queen of the Belgians, since male primogeniture was only abolished in 1991, when her father left her the place on the throne.

But before that, just like Catharina-Amalia, the young girl wants to learn about the world around her: after studying Dutch in Belgium, she flew to Wales, where she obtained an international baccalaureate in an extremely prestigious high school. Quadrilingual (she speaks English, French, Dutch and German), she has also taken piano, dance and singing lessons.

And that’s not all: by way of secondary education, the young girl decided to join the Royal Military School, where she followed a one-year training course. From now on, she is a student at the University of Oxford and should therefore join her mother, Queen Mathilde, in Oslo to participate in the birthday ceremonies of Ingrid Alexandra of Norway.

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