Ingrid Chauvin: her message of hope for the new year: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Ingrid Chauvin is optimistic for the year to come. The star of the Tomorrow series we love decided to share her positive thoughts via her Instagram account. The actress posted an adorable video of a panda who is having fun in the snow and took the opportunity to send a message of hope to his fans: "Come on, 2020 is almost over …. Let's revel in a possible better year ahead. May some of your dreams come true, that gentleness take a full place. May smiles and joy prevail over the rest, and may it be the most dazzling spread of this new year. Loving kisses fly to you all. Ingrid ". She added, among other things, the hashtags #espoir #bonheur #better #love to her post. The fans, delighted with these greetings for the new year, were quick to react. In the comments, we can read in particular: "Thank you very much! May this New Year be the sweetest for you too!". Or : "Ingrid to you too. Happy New Year 2021. Let's forget 2020. I'm thinking of you. Affectionate kisses.

2020, the year of separation

It must be said that 2020 has been particularly complicated for the French. Containment, health measures, the daily life of the French has been profoundly changed throughout 2020 and the restrictive measures imposed by the government since March 2020 have set the pace for this year. Ingrid Chauvin has also undergone changes. Recently separated from Thierry Peythieu, the 47-year-old actress formalized her separation Wednesday, November 11, 2020.

After almost ten years of marriage, the actress of Tomorrow belongs to us broke the news to her community through an Instagram message. "Sometimes our lives need to be completely turned upside down, changed, reorganized… With my son's father, our paths separate. I have to tell you, without wanting to communicate more. Thank you in advance for your respect, which I know is immense. I kiss you. Ingrid ", she wrote on Wednesday, November 11, 2020. News that has not failed surprise internet users, came to comment by the thousands: "I am stunned. I can not believe it","You were so beautiful together. Good luck and nice continuation","Oh no … Alas, so is life", we can read in reaction. And if this announcement provokes so much sadness among Ingrid Chauvin fans, it is because the former couple survived, together, the mourning of their first child.

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