Ingrid Chauvin: her secrets about her hidden half-sister: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

If there is one subject that Ingrid Chauvin does not hesitate to address, it is the family. The flagship actress of Tomorrow belongs to us confides regularly in magazines and on social networks about his family situation, and in particular his children. Her son Tom has already had an Instagram account since he was two! Ingrid Chauvin also regularly returns to the tragic loss of her little Jade. On October 17, 2019, she sent a poignant message to her daughter for the sixth anniversary of her death. The actress also speaks regularly to alert her to problems related to adoption. Last year, she made a desperate appeal to the government over the difficulty of adopting. His latest book on this subject creates controversy. But this time, it was about her own sister that Ingrid Chauvin decided to confide.

“She knows I'm there for her”

Since the start of containment, the filming of Tomorrow belongs to us are at a standstill. But good news for the fans, the soap opera of TF1 will return with unpublished episodes from June 15, 2020. On the occasion of his return to the set, Ingrid Chauvin gave an interview to our colleagues from TV Star. But it was ultimately her recently found half-sister that the actress chose to talk about. In June 2019, Ingrid Chauvin revealed in the columns of Gala have a sister “lost in nature ”. “I do not know her", she indicated then. A year later, the star was finally able to meet this mysterious sister, born of the same father, named Nathalie.

All my life she haunted me, but I never wanted to rush things between us. Until the day when we saw each other during a meeting with readers ”, she says. “Since then, things have been pending and i don't want to force fate, says Ingrid Chauvin. “I was very touched by our first contacts. She looks a lot like our father, and her daughter is beautiful ”, she says. A common point therefore unites them: motherhood. The actress hopes that her latest work, Children's dreams, released on May 14, will bring them together. “Perhaps this book will allow new exchanges. She knows I'm there for her, she finally confides.

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