Intel more reliable than AMD in past two years according to study; What is your experience ?

Nathan Le Gohlisse

Hardware Specialist

January 14, 2022 at 5:20 p.m.


Intel Core i7-12700K © Nerces

The new Core i7-12700K, for illustration © Nerces for Clubic

At the very end of 2021, Puget Systems published internal statistics on the reliability of the main computer components. On the ground of processors
, Intel’s benchmarks come out on top.

Give us an idea of ​​the reliability of the components: this is the purpose of a post recently shared on the blog of Puget Systems, an American brand specializing in PC assembly. Based on its internal data, the group made an inventory of the frequency of failures observed on the main computer components (processors, graphics cards, RAM modules, hard drives or SSDs) integrated into their machines.

intel_vs_amd_reliability © © Puget Systems

“Shop Failure” refers to failures identified during the test phase or upon receipt of components, while “Field Failure” corresponds to failures observed after delivery to the end customer © Puget Systems

Intel processors deemed more reliable than AMD’s

In the section of the post reserved for processors, we discover that the frequency of failures recorded between 2019 and 2021 is generally lower on Intel references than on AMD models. At least, with the exception of Core 11and generation, clearly more affected than the others.

In general, AMD processors have higher failure rates than Intel, but we have seen an oddly high failure rate with Intel 11 processors.and generation intended for the general public… which seems strange, especially considering the very low rates displayed by the processors of 10and generation that preceded them… », Comments Puget.

For its graphics, Puget Systems pits consumer chips ranging from AMD Ryzen 5000 desktop processors to Intel Core 10 chips.and and 11and generations. On the HEDT side, the Threadripper PRO processors, Intel Core X of 10and generation, Intel Xeon W and Intel Xeon Scalable from 2and generation are compared.

Note that Puget Systems reports are not intended to be exhaustive. They nevertheless give us an overview, in broad outline, of the frequency of breakdowns from one brand to another.

But what about you? Have you been affected more often by failures at Intel or at AMD? Your opinion interests us !

Sources: Neowin
, Puget Systems

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