Intel Unveils Three New Creative GPUs

Intel has just announced the upcoming arrival of three new graphics cards under the Arc Pro umbrella. Intended for creation and workstations, these new GPUs should hit the market at the end of the year.

Intel will soon offer us GPUs designed specifically for creative and professional uses // Source: Intel via Engadget

If Intel had until now mainly focused on the announcement and the launch (still embryonic) of Arc Alchemist graphics cards dedicated to the general public and to gaming, the firm does not forget the professional sector. Proof of this, Intel announced on August 8 the upcoming launch of three new GPUs designed specifically for pros, workstations and creative software (coding, rendering, 3D modeling, video editing, photo editing, etc.).

Grouped under the “Arc Pro” umbrella, these new chips will arrive on the market at the end of the year, promises Intel, and will be available in two references for desktop PCs and a mobile model for laptops.

Do not let AMD and Nvidia have the monopoly of the pros…

In detail, the Intel Arc A40 will be the most compact solution offered by Intel. This “single slot” card develops 3.50 TFLOPs of computing power, reports Engadget, and relies on 6 GB of video memory. More cumbersome, since it will occupy two slots, the Arc A50 goes up to 4.80 TFLOPs but retains 6 GB of VRAM. As its name suggests, the Arc A30M is for its part reserved for portable PCs where it develops a level of performance equivalent to the Arc A40, but only 4 GB of video memory.

These three new references fully support ray tracing and natively support AV1 encoding. A particularity that the brand is proud to highlight since the models of the competition do not offer it immediately. In terms of the display itself, Arc Pro GPUs feature four mini DisplayPorts and can drive up to two 8K displays at 60Hz refresh rate, one 5K display at 240Hz, two 5K displays at 120Hz or well four 4K displays at 60Hz.

At this stage, Intel is not yet announcing pricing for its new Arc Pro GPUs, and is not giving any specific release date. On the other hand, we know that these cards are currently being demonstrated at the SIGGRAPH show, which has just opened its doors.

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