International media call for a framework for the use of AI

An international media collective calls on political leaders to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the information sector. At the origin of this open letter are ten signatories, including international press agencies (Agence France-Presse – AFP, The Associated Press – AP) and photo agencies (Getty Images, European Pressphoto Agency – EPA), but also professional bodies (European Publishers’ Council, National Press Photographers Association, National Writers Union, News Media Alliance, The Authors Guild) as well as the American media group Gannett/USA Today Network.

We support the responsible advancement and deployment of generative AI, while believing that a legal framework must be developed to protect the content that powers applications using AI, while maintaining public trust in the media.“, plead the co-signers. Because “even in the absence of malicious intent, many generative AI applications and large language models produce factual errors and fictitious information, in addition to propagating bias“, they expose.

Transparency on AI training

In particular, they ask fortransparency” around methods of training artificial intelligence and call for soliciting from “owners of intellectual property rights” their consent before using their content — such as photos or press articles — to train generative AIs.

The signatories also plead for all content and exchanges including content generated by artificial intelligence to be reported and clearly identified. They conclude by calling “AI generative model providers [à prendre] measures to eliminate bias and misinformation in their services“.

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