Interview – “The written Matura was more difficult”

Despite the crisis, Theresa Golser, head of the state school in Salzburg, is happy that so many have passed their high school diploma.

How did the Matura turn out this year due to the Corona situation? I think that the Matura situation was mastered well. Despite the difficult situation, the focus could be placed on the high school graduates. There were really a lot of preparatory lessons for them.Did the Ukraine crisis affect the high school graduates?The war generally hit us students very hard. But the schools have made a lot of effort in this regard. At our school in Salzburg, for example, we also had memorial services. That was very important to all of us. How were the written and oral exams for the high school graduates? For many, the written high school diploma was so much more difficult than the oral one. But most of the Salzburg high school graduates managed it anyway. How did the teachers fare in this year’s final exams? The teachers were incredibly happy that so many students passed the high school diploma. And we know that the teachers had twice as much work due to Corona. And the war really took some teachers with it. But some talked a lot about it with the students and that definitely helped.
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