Interview with Chris Broy: “Enough has happened between Eva and me …”

Chris Broy
This is really how it is about his relationship with ex-girlfriend Eva Benetatou

Chris Broy

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Chris Broy appears spontaneously at the musical premiere of “The Ice Queen” in Hamburg (November 8, 2021). The reality TV performer has had a tough time, as he himself says.

Chris Broy, 32, is best known for ditching pregnant girlfriend Eva Benetatou, 29, after returning from filming “Battle of Reality Stars”. It sparked a public mud fight, which was mainly driven by the injured Eva. Allegations that Chris had cheated on her with ex “Berlin Day and Night” actress Jenefer Riili and that she did not care enough for their son George Angelos, made the rounds. Now Chris comments on the headlines in an interview with GALA.

Chris Broy is looking forward to the new year

GALA: Chris, we haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you?

Chris Broy: Right now I’m having a very difficult time. My grandma recently died, she was in the hospital for a long time. And then also the things that happened to Eva before, which everyone noticed … I am just happy when the year finally comes to an end and I am optimistic about the next.

How is the relationship between Eva and you right now?

We’ve definitely found a solution that we can both cope with. I am aware that I can never be there for my son as I would be in a functioning relationship. But we both do our best for our child. We pulled ourselves together. It has happened simply enough in the past. Quarrel or not, at the end of the day we should be there for the little one.

Eva said you didn’t have a real bond with your son yet.

He’s still very small. But I am very confident that I can definitely deepen my bond with my son.

New love after Eva Benetatou?

After the breakup, you were attacked heavily in public. How did you experience that time?

The criticism was very harsh for me. For a long time I was considered a sympathetic type and suddenly I was shot at from all sides. The subject is so sensitive. I’ve tried my best to keep the breakup out of the public eye, but that didn’t work. But now I’m looking ahead.

Is there a new woman in your life or are you looking?

Because the last relationship was so turbulent, I want to find myself again first. I think the most important thing now is to be there for the little one anyway. At some point I’ll be ready for a new woman again. Hopping from relationship to relationship is not my thing. Besides, it’s difficult. Because I am now in public and the whole subject with Eva was so big in the press, I sometimes don’t know when I get to know a woman whether she is really interested in me and what she actually wants from me.

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