iPhone 15 overheating: Apple plans a fix

Image: Jason Hiner/ZDNET.

Apple has confirmed: the overheating issue affecting the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro is the result of a combination of bugs in iOS 17 and third-party apps.

The good news: the problem is not material, and it does not come from the titanium chassis. The other good news is that the bug fix will not affect system performance.

New iPhones “hard to hold”

As the first iPhone 15s arrived to owners, Apple’s social media and support forums began to be flooded with messages about overheating issues on the new models. For some, the problem occurs when the iPhone is charging. Others point to the use of applications like Instagram.

In response to these alerts, Apple explained to Forbes that it was normal for an iPhone “to feel warmer during the first few days after a setup or restore.” The company adds that it has “found a bug in iOS 17 that affects some users and will be fixed through a software update.”

Good news for new iPhone 15 owners, some of whom reported that these high temperatures made their iPhone “difficult to hold”.

One bug can hide another

Regarding the fix for the bug that affects iOS 17, Apple assured Reuters that it would not reduce performance. Specifically, the new A17 Pro processor will not need to be throttled, so performance will not be affected.

But there is also another bug. This one “involves some recent updates to third-party applications that are causing system overload.” Apple and Meta – the parent company of Instagram and Facebook – have both pointed the finger at the Instagram app. Meta claims to have modified the app to try to prevent this from happening.

What makes this bug particularly interesting is its origin: Since Apple tightly controls how apps access hardware, this could be a bug in the Xcode platform for iOS 17.

Source: ZDNet.com

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