is it possible and easy to deposit checks?

Depositing a check is a traditional banking act. Even if this means of payment is used less and less, some customers are still strongly attached to it. Some online banks have understood this, and allow the deposit of checks under certain conditions.

Even if payments by check are declining and currently represent only 5% of payments in France, French customers remain attached to checks. Hence the importance of being able to deposit checks in one’s bank. If the latter are easy in a traditional bank with branches, one can legitimately ask the question of the case of online banks. We take stock of the proposed solutions.

Digital check deposit

Boursorama Banque allows its customers to deposit their checks directly online. All you have to do is go to the Checks section of the application or the website, then the tab to make a digital check deposit. But after entering the requested information, the check must still be sent by post to the address directly indicated by Boursorama Banque. Please note that entering a digital check remittance is mandatory. Failing to complete this formality, the check cannot be credited to the account and will be returned to the customer.

The same system is used by Monabanq: the check must be sent by post, but the customer must first fill in a digital slip, directly on the site. The following information is then requested: the check number, its amount and the name of the issuer. Once this step has been taken, the check must be sent quickly to the address provided.

Similarly, the Hello bank online bank allows you to scan your check on the application, before sending it by post. To do this, simply go to the Payments section, then Manage my checks and finally Scan a check. Thus, the check is scanned directly via a smartphone or tablet, then sent free of charge by post to the address indicated on the application.

Check deposit by mail

Remitting the check by mail is an easy process; it is possible at Orange Bank, which allows it without any prior procedure. Check deposit by mail is also available at Fortuneo. However, the check must be accompanied by a paper check deposit slip. The slip books are free and can be ordered directly on the online banking website.

BforBank, the online subsidiary of Crdit Agricole, also allows mail to be sent to deposit checks. Again, no other preliminary steps to take. All you have to do is place your endorsed check in an unstamped envelope and made out to the address indicated on the establishment’s website.

Depositing checks with a traditional bank

Many online banks are subsidiaries of large traditional banking institutions. As such, some online banks allow their customers’ checks to be deposited with group agencies. Like Monabanq, which in addition to digital check remittance, allows its customers to deposit their checks directly at the branch, and more particularly at the ATMs of Crdit Mutuel branches (except Bretagne and Sud-Ouest), or even CIC. This operation is free for the Pratiq+, Uniq and Uniq+ formulas, as well as for youth accounts.

In addition to the app’s digital check scan, hello bank allows its customers to scan their checks from a terminal available in a BNP Paribas branch, or to hand them in directly at the counter, accompanied by a slip provided for this purpose. Be careful however, for these last two cases, the BNP Paribas branch must be equipped for this service.

To cash a cheque, whether at a branch or by mail, always make sure to affixon the back of the check, your account number and your signature.

Some online banks, on the other hand, claim to be 100% digital and do not allow checks to be deposited. This is the case, for example, of N26, which has also decided not to distribute checkbooks to its customers. It is the same for Revolut.

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