Is Netflix Really Stopping Password Sharing? Here’s what his new rules say

At the end of January, Netflix announced that it would crack down on password sharing. On Wednesday, Netflix explained a little better its intention to implement its no-share policy. Before you rush out to change your password and fire all your friends, keep in mind that the consequences are virtually non-existent.

According to the new policy, you will only be able to share your password with people who live in the same household as you, the “Netflix household”. If you’re thinking, “How will they know?” Netflix is ​​one step ahead of you.

The streaming company will use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and activity from devices connected to an account to ensure that it belongs to the same household. If a device outside of your household connects to an account or is constantly in use, Netflix will notify the phone number and email address associated with the primary account to verify the connection.

Just because you verify the login does not mean that Netflix will always grant access to that account. You may be repeatedly asked to verify the account and arouse suspicion at Netflix, which can lead to further action by the company.

By sharing a Netflix account, the company may charge you extra

Netflix has yet to disclose the actual consequences, but has tested an opt-in feature that allows Netflix users to pay more for additional accounts added to the main account in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru. Therefore, if you try your luck by sharing a Netflix account, the company might charge you extra.

If you’re traveling, don’t worry: As long as you’re the primary account holder or live with them, Netflix says you won’t need to verify your device. On the other hand, if you are away for a long period of time, you will have to do so. The biggest losers from the application of this new policy will be university students who can no longer use their parents’ accounts.

This isn’t the first time Netflix has tried to boost revenue. Last year, Netflix announced a new ad-supported subscription tier following a continued loss of subscribers.

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