Israel, on alert against Iran, closes schools and reduces activities


The Israeli army announced on Saturday the closure of schools for security reasons after Iran’s threats to respond to the deadly attack carried out in early April against the Iranian consulate in Damascus, blamed on Israel. As of Sunday, the first day of the week in Israel, “teaching activities, trips and outings” school or extracurricular are suspended.

Israel, on alert in the face of threats of attacks from Iran, will close schools and restrict gatherings for security reasons, the army announced Saturday. As of Sunday, the first day of the week in Israel, “teaching activities, trips and outings” for school and extracurricular activities are suspended, army spokesperson Daniel Hagari said in a video address. The measure decided “with regard to security conditions” is valid at this stage for two days, Sunday and Monday. As part of these restrictions, recreation center reception and excursions will also be canceled.

Outdoor gatherings limited to 1,000 people

As Passover approaches, outdoor gatherings will be limited to 1,000 people with an even more restricted number in the border regions of the country, where beaches will be closed. Professional activities are not affected by these restrictions. The army spokesperson called on the population to be “vigilant and responsible”. “The Air Force’s defense and attack systems are on alert and dozens of aircraft are patrolling the skies, prepared and ready (…) We have an excellent air defense system, but the defense is not airtight,” he added.

Foreign Minister Israel Katz, for his part, indicated that he was canceling a planned trip to Austria and Hungary with families of hostages held in Gaza. Iran has vowed to retaliate after a deadly April 1 strike against its consulate in Damascus, an operation it blames on Israel. US President Joe Biden said on Friday he expected Iran to take action “soon”.

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