It all starts here: Constance’s half-sister arrives… and Teyssier gives her an icy welcome!

Bérénice, Constance’s half-sister, made her debut at the Auguste Armand Institute in “Here everything begins”. Alas, this one receives an icy welcome from Teyssier, to whom she is apparently not at all close…

It’s already almost back to school in Here it all begins and the new students of the Auguste Armand Institute are gradually revealing themselves… In an unpublished extract from the soap opera published in advance by TF1 (the channel offers fiction from Monday to Friday from 6:30 p.m.), it is also Bérénice’s turn (Bérénice Tannenberg) to arrive at the castle. This is none other than the half-sister of Constance (Sabine Perraud, absent from the series for a few weeks)!

Bérénice, Constance’s half-sister

In this sequence, the young girl walks alone in the park and meets Teyssier (Benjamin Baroche). Obviously, despite the link between Constance and Bérénice, the director and the latter are not at all close… He indeed gives her an icy welcome. The proof: he had totally forgotten that she was arriving today despite the reminders of his dear and tender wife…

Bérénice is embarrassed but it had been agreed that she would sleep with the Teyssiers during her time at the Institute. Unpleasant as usual, Emmanuel confirms that this plan still holds despite everything… for one night.

Problem, Bérénice was planning to stay at the home of Teyssier and Constance throughout her stay in Calvières, the time she passes the various tests of the entrance examination of the prestigious cooking school!

Teyssier, true to himself

In a teasing mood, the great pastry chef reminds her that each stage is eliminatory and that she could therefore well and truly be ousted after a single day of exams… Disconcerted, Bérénice stammers and loses her words, she who is with a pathological timidity!

Definitely in good shape, Teyssier tackles her, noting her difficulty in expressing herself: he tells her that you have to know how to speak and impose yourself when you are the head of a brigade… He finally drives the point home by not wishing her not good luck because, according to him, she will not need it if she has worked well! Atmosphere… Will Bérénice succeed in the competition? One thing is in any case certain, Teyssier will not give him a gift! To be continued in Here it all begins…

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