It had to happen: the gaming chair is haptic at Cooler Master

Stephane Ficca

Hardware & gaming specialist

October 04, 2022 at 2:15 p.m.


Synk X © © Cooler Master

© Cooler Master

For a few years now, “haptic feedback” has been part of our daily lives.

We find these “new generation” vibrations in particular in gaming… including in chairs for gamers.

Haptic feedback in a gaming chair

High-tech and gaming enthusiasts have known the benefits of haptic feedback for a few years now. Present on some smartphones, haptic feedback is also an integral part of the PS5 DualSense controller, not to mention some VR devices.

Synk X © © Cooler Master

© Cooler Master

On the side of Cooler Master, we have just formalized a brand new gaming seat, the Synk X, which incorporates this same technology. The manufacturer thus promises a tenfold immersion with regard to video games of course, but also any other form of entertainment.

A seat designed to vibrate with pleasure?

Indeed, the Synk X seat by Cooler Master converts sound waves into vibrations, both in the backrest and in the seat. Everything works in Bluetooth on battery (with an autonomy of 4 to 8 hours), but the seat can also be connected via a good old cable to a PC, a Smart TV…

Like many gaming chairs, there are 4D armrests and a seat capable of supporting up to 136 kg, while reclining at 135°.

The system can be controlled directly from a small box, which will allow you to choose the audio source, and also to intensify or reduce the vibrations. Cooler Master promises both simple and ergonomic use, the box being directly integrated into the base of the seat to remain constantly within reach of the user.

This new Synk X seat will be available in two colors and retail for $1,299.

© Cooler Master

Remember that in 2023, the new PS VR 2 headset dedicated to the PlayStation 5 will also integrate a haptic feedback system, with vibrations present on the Sense controllers and within the headset itself.

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