It is possible to disguise your Windows 11 as Windows 7 for free, a solution reserved for nostalgic people

Those nostalgic for Windows 7 can now return to the august operating system… while remaining on Windows 11. How? Thanks to a series of software that transforms the visual appearance of Microsoft’s OS. It’s a Reddit user who shares the process.

Windows 7

In 2024, there is no reason to use Windows 7 rather than Windows 11. The latest version is more secure, has more features and is easier to navigate. However, nostalgic fans may miss the rounded design of the august operating system. A Reddit user explains how to find it without sacrificing Windows 11 and above all without spending a cent.

There are already solutions to transform your Windows 11 into Windows 7, such as with StartAllBack or WindowsBlinds. However, this software is not free and not everyone necessarily has the means (or the desire) to pay for it. The technique revealed by PandaMan12321 on Reddit has the advantage of being completely free.

Windows 11 turns into Windows 7 for free with this method

If PandaMan12321’s solution is free, However, it is a little complex to set up.. In his Reddit post, he explains step by step how to do it. To do this, you need to download several free and open source tools, such as Explorer Patcher, Windhawk, AeroExplorer etc. There are thirteen in all.

Each software changes the visual appearance of Windows 11 for it bring the famous Aero Design, so dear to Windows 7 fans. Of course, the procedure remains long and complex and you will have to take the time to configure everything, but the result is there. This is obviously not an official solution supported by Microsoft, so there may be bugs and major Windows 11 updates could create incompatibilities. Data that you must have in mind before getting started. However, these changes are only visual and do not alter the Windows 11 experience in any way.

The procedure to transform Windows 11 into Windows 7

As a reminder, Windows 7 was released in 2009 and its support was stopped in 2020. An OS that delighted users by its design and simplicity, especially since it arrived just after a Windows Vista that was as buggy as it was hated.

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