“It troubles me a little”: Matthieu Chedid, embarrassed by this habit of his 4-year-old son: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

From Thursday December 7, 2023, cinemas will broadcast on the big screen the concert given in Bercy in June 2023, called M – in dream by singer Matthieu Chedid. Thus, fans of the artist who have not had the chance to see him on stage will have the opportunity to observe this show sitting comfortably in a seat. On this occasion, Vanessa Paradis’ sidekick was the guest of the podcast A good moment on Monday December 4, 2023. The opportunity to confide in your family. Son of singer-songwriter Louis Chedid, M was able to see the impact of notoriety but also the transmission of passion for music. Does he think of doing the same with his son? The 51-year-old musician responds without filter: “My 4 and a half year old son obviously does shows all day, dressing up and it’s even a little embarrassing because he sings my songs, what did not do my daughter Billiein fact, when she was little”.

Matthieu Chedid: “He’s there, he’s singing ‘Grand petit con’”

And this habit that his son has of identifying with his father’s universe “a little trouble” Matthew Chedid. I don’t want him to sing my songs, it bothers me! He is there he sings ‘Big little bastard’“. Thus, his son, named Tao, lives surrounded by people who all have a passion for an art. “His uncles and aunts are artists, his grandparents and great-grandparents too, he is surrounded by artists, so it’s quite ordinary. The extraordinary is his daily life, so it’s quite strange”believes the singer, who tries as best he can to protect his child. “When it’s very big, he generally doesn’t come, he came exceptionally to Bercy. But I have difficulty putting myself in his place. He seems to find it quite normal. […] it’s super impressive, but at the same time, it’s his life too. It’s the idea of ​​this family transmission that means we’re all more or less immersed in it. Even if I had the chance to have a father […] more sober [que moi]“. As a reminder, Matthieu Chedid is the happy father of Billie Chedid, 21 years old, the fruit of his love with Céline Bary, of Tao, 4 years old, from his relationship with his partner Loïca Saint-M’leux with whom he had a little girl, born in 2022.

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