“It’s as if we didn’t exist”: Tom Cruise left Jean Reno with good memories

French actor Jean Reno recently spoke about his collaboration with Tom Cruise on the filming of the first “Mission: Impossible”. And the least we can say is that he is not kind to the Hollywood star!

In 1996, Jean Reno had his first international experience with Mission: Impossible, which saw him opposite a certain Tom Cruise. We imagine that working with the Hollywood star must have left him with lasting memories, except not at all! For the French actor, the experience even turned out to be quite painful…

Difficult mission for Jean Reno

Jean Reno did not at all like filming alongside Tom Cruise, an actor whose face forced Marvel to destroy thousands of comic books. Questioned by Nagui at the end of last week, he quite harshly tackled the one we recently saw on the poster for Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1.

“You don’t carry him in your heart, Tom Cruise?”asks Nagui to Jean Reno in the show The Original Band of France Inter. “Not too much, no”then responds the actor. “I didn’t really have much contact with him. There were two of us who didn’t have any contact.”

And Jean Reno delivers an anecdote not really to the advantage of the interpreter of Ethan Hunt. “Tom invited us for his birthday and I gave him all the editions of Molièrean edition that I found and which was really good in my eyes”he says. “He looked at it like it was a pack of gum. He passed it to his deputy in the back, in two seconds.”

“It’s as if we don’t exist”

“He was contemptuous?”continues Nagui. “Yeah, totally.”responds categorically Jean Reno, who on the other hand really enjoyed working with Jon Voight, also in the casting of Impossible mission by Brian de Palma.

“With him, I visited the Jewish cemetery in Vienna, as well as the synagogue, because he really wanted to see the oldest synagogue in Europe. I had contact with him, something happened. With Tom, it’s like we don’t exist.”

Jean Reno is in the cinema news. He will in fact be starring in the comedy Retirement Home 2, alongside Kev Adams in particular, from this Wednesday February 14.

“Brian De Palma is more impressive than Tom Cruise”: when Jean Reno spoke about “Mission: Impossible” on AlloCiné

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