“It’s not fair play”, Emilie attracts the wrath of the adventurers of the red camp

The third episode of Koh Lanta 2024 reserved its share of surprises, good and bad, one of which caught the attention of viewers who went out of their way to criticize one of the adventurers of the red camp. What happened at the Matukad house?

TF1 broadcast the third episode of Koh Lanta: The immunity hunters, a 25th edition filmed in the Philippines and still hosted by Denis Brogniart. New developments punctuate life in the Kadasi (yellow) and Matukad (red) camps which were previously in difficulty, which had also led to the elimination of the young business leader Alicia. In the February 27 episode, these are two adventurers who are an integral part of the yellow team who came out after two comfort and immunity tests won by Ricky and the Matukads, who were able to eat their first hot meal after having light the fire.

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After Nathalie’s ouster, William, who had been adored for a while, was finally eliminated at the end of the council bringing together the Kadasi around the host-star of TF1. The 62-year-old survival instructor had no shortage of comfort. But his difficulties in swimming were fatal to him. “Me, I swim like an iron”he was kind enough to admit, he who wasted a lot of time for his team during the immunity test.

Meïssa appalled by Julie’s revelations

At the same time, new necklaces were discovered on the two camps of Koh Lanta: The immunity hunters. Among the yellows, faced with the threat of elimination, most of the adventurers set out in search of the precious sesame that could save them. Pauline and Sébastien did not return empty-handed from their investigations. Unlike William who had felt the wind turning! But neither candidate dared to take out their immunity necklace during the council, preferring to gang up against William. Among the reds, Ricky recovered one which could be useful to him later.

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This discovery has rekindled the debate on Alicia’s departure, which viewers had attended the previous week. They then learned that an adventurer had acted secretly outside the camera to find out whether or not Alicia had won an immunity necklace in the perspective of the council. Emilie searched Alicia’s bag to see if she had a necklace. It’s not fair play.”, Julie actually said to Meïssa, during a tête-à-tête away from the red camp. Julie also specified that Emilie would have purely and simply “pique” Alicia’s necklace if she had found one in her things. “There, It’s not correct, reaffirmed Meïssa, visibly scandalized by the announcement of the news. Which had the further consequence of worrying Ricky, ready to do anything to protect his secret. On X (formerly Twitter), Internet users are also intrigued! “But my darling you do that, I’ll fuck you”we can read in the middle of videos and GIFs full of humor.

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Nathalie, eliminated, attacks Amri

For her part, Nathalie made known all the good things she thought of William during an interview with Leisure TV. “I especially thought about what William was going to bring us in terms of survival. He managed to integrate very easily. He is a very pleasant person, who likes to talk to us about his adventures”she said, remembering that she and other adventurers were “in awe of him”. “He had a very admiring female audience. There was only one who was not admiring…”she added, quoting Amri.

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The third candidate eliminated from Koh Lanta: The immunity hunters finally admitted that she has fond memories of her time in the Philippines. She learned about herself, about her “ability” adaptation “for survival” notably. “It was a real surprise for me who rather likes comfort. It was my main challenge”she concluded.


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