It’s official, buying a Fisker brand electric car is becoming very risky

The Fisker bankruptcy saga continues. If the American manufacturer recently reduced the prices of its electric car in France, a small message on its website announces that assistance, warranty and complaints may not work for new customers. The end seems to be getting closer and closer for this promising brand.

Fisker Ocean // Source: Fisker

This is a subject that we have extensively documented on Supercharged, but Fisker’s travails truly seem endless. On the verge of bankruptcy, the Californian start-up had tried everything by reducing the price of its only electric car currently on sale, the Ocean, with discounts of up to 21,000 euros in France.

Although the offer may seem attractive, a small mention on the brand’s website sends shivers down your spine. Thus, it announces that new customers should expect that the warranty or complaints will no longer be supported.

“A permanent loss”

We clearly feel that the notice was written by the legal department, but the meaning is clear. Due to the current economic situation of the manufacturer Fisker Group Inc. and the Fisker sales companies in Europe, there is a risk of limitation of support and services for vehicles »it is thus written.

Before explaining: ” L“Buyers should expect permanent loss of enforceability of material defect and warranty claims”.

Fisker Ocean // Source: Fisker

“By concluding a vehicle purchase contract after April 3, 2024, the buyer of a Fisker Ocean declares to have been informed accordingly and nevertheless wishes to purchase a Fisker Ocean taking into account the risk described”, she concludes. Crystal clear.

This clause does not concern the current owners, but, if bankruptcy turns out to become a reality, they will certainly have great difficulty maintaining their Ocean.

Bankruptcy seems inevitable

Even if we can imagine that this announcement is only there to cover the brand in the event of bad news, it is obvious that the simple fact of having clarified these terms is an indicator of the very poor health of Fisker.

Fisker Ocean // Source: Fisker

Bankruptcy therefore seems to be getting a little closer for this Californian start-up, however promising. Certainly, the early launch of the Ocean was the source of many bugs (and other security problems), but a deep update seems to have corrected most of the problems, as we have seen.

In addition, Fisker’s projects seemed attractive, with a pickup that could have competed with the Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning and other Tesla Cybertrucks, a compact model to offer an electric car at 30,000 euros and even a super athletic. Models that will probably never see the light of day.

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