“It’s really the worst film I’ve seen and the most ridiculous in all of cinematic history”: this new Netflix release is being dismantled by subscribers

If you’re looking for a good Christmas movie, this new Netflix release is not the one to watch, according to viewers.

December is fast approaching, the fir trees are starting to adorn the living rooms, the garlands are starting to adorn windows and balconies… many people have already started their Christmas movie marathon. And like every year, Netflix offers its subscribers a host of magical (or almost) new features…

And among them, the film Hello Christmas Spirit, which arrived on the platform a few days ago and for which here is the synopsis: when a twist of fate brings their families together for Christmas, Charlotte seizes the opportunity to demonstrate that the life of his old friend Jackie is too good to be true.

This Christmas production marks the return to our screens of stars of the 90s, namely Heather Graham (Boogie Nights), Brandy Norwood (Moesha) and Jason Biggs (American Pie).

Despite a decent length of 1 hour 20 minutes and a synopsis that seems to hold up, Hello the Spirit of Christmas has broken a record since its arrival: that of the lowest rated Christmas film on our site with a very poor 1.8/ 5. And the reviews visible on the sheet give a pretty good overview of the product:

“Christmas films that are a little corny, or even completely stupid, I’m not going to lie, they’re my hobby. I like bad Christmas movies, there’s something comforting about them. But really it’s not possible, I gave up after 45 minutes of viewing, it’s a purge, there is no other word to describe this film. Watch any Christmas movie, any Christmas movie, but honestly not this one.” (Princess)

“I’m still a big fan of Christmas movies, from the Wish TV movie to the Disney movie. I even go so far as to read Christmas books… it’s to say how good a public I am when it comes to everything related to Christmas!

But there… THERE! A shame, the worst film of all time, full of actors, each one worse than the other (and clearly filmed in the sun). With a story that makes no sense and is full of inconsistencies. Please don’t go!” (Alain Pierre S)

“It’s truly the worst film I’ve seen and the most ridiculous in all of cinematic history. My husband and I were surprised that we didn’t give up after 5 minutes. However, I love Christmas films, but there is absolutely nothing good in the film. Sooo lame, don’t waste your time.” (Eliza I)

“This film is really not good. Completely rubbish. Sucks. Even for falling asleep it’s rubbish. I obviously don’t recommend it to anyone. The beginning is cliché and rubbish just like the ending. The actions are rubbish, uninteresting and useless. In short, it’s wasted time.” (Mathieu Dubois). (Shawn 777)

Have you ever watched it? What did you think of it?

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