“It’s the best line in the history of cinema” according to James McAvoy and it comes from a film with Jason Statham!

A Jason Statham film would have the best line in cinema history, according to actor James McAvoy, famous for his role as Professor Xavier at Marvel.

Actor James McAvoy (X-Men) is a big fan of Jason Statham’s cinema! After having it qualified of“the most physically impressive actor I know”he had to choose at the microphone to Den of Geek what was his favorite Jason Statham movie.

A difficult choice, because the actor popularized by The Transporter has a long filmography largely devoted to action films. But McAvoy managed to make a choice, based in particular on a line of dialogue, which amuses him every time!


It’s “Hyper tension”, because he says the line: ‘Is there an asshole mark on my forehead?’ and it’s the best line I’ve ever heard in a movie.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing Statham play a violent beekeeper in front of the Suicide Squad director’s camera, you’ll love this film!

To see the scene in action, click here – note that the rude word is written directly on the actor’s forehead, with a sound effect:


Hyper tension (Crank in the original version) closes the “first generation” of Statham’s films, a period during which he shot films with simple, even simplistic titles: Revolver, Chaos, London, Cellular, in which he isn’t always the headliner. Hyper Tension is the beginning of a new era, where he takes the reins of the entire film, and where his physical prowess becomes the main attraction.

Hyper Tension sees him play Chev Chelios, a hitman who learns when he wakes up that he only has one hour to live, because a certain Ricky Verona poisoned him following a failed contract. To stay alive, Chelios must stimulate his adrenaline and find the antidote.

Despite a modest success, Hyper Tension had a sequel: Hyper Tension 2, released in 2009 and still with Statham, picking up right where the first film left off. To be reserved for fans of the actor only.


Coincidentally with the castings, Jason Statham and James McAvoy never found themselves in a live-action feature film, but both lent their voices to the animated film Gnomeo and Juliet, the first playing the main role and the second that of Tybalt, a garden gnome with a red hat, Gnomeo’s great rival.

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