James Bond: Ana de Armas has chosen the actor who will replace Daniel Craig

Ana de Armas and Chris Evans share their choice of actor to embody the next James Bond and two names stand out…

In 2021, Ana de Armas played Paloma, the CIA ally of 007, in Dying can wait alongside Daniel Craig. Her brief appearance in the film was so captivating that it was even speculated for some time that she might have her own spin-off film, or perhaps become the first female 007.

However, speculation continues to rage over which male actor will succeed Daniel Craig as cinema’s most iconic secret agent. As Screenrant and The Playlist report, in a recent interview with Wired, Ana de Armas and her Ghosted co-star Chris Evans gave their thoughts on who should reprise the role of James Bond.

When asked for a name, Chris Evans solemnly replies: “I will do it” before admitting that he thought that we were going to add “girl” after Bond and that we were therefore going to ask them who should play the next “James Bond Girl“: he then thought of making a joke which finally fell to l ‘water.

Ana de Armas then took the floor, revealing her rather well-thought-out choice.

I think it should be Paul Mescal.

A choice that Chris Evans supports. However, the actor has another name in mind for the role.

Paul Mescal is brilliant. I am on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s side.


Ana de Armas’ choice therefore fell on Aftersun star, Oscar nominee Paul Mescal, who was also chosen to succeed Russell Crowe in Gladiator 2. However, the highly coveted actor has already a spy project in sight: he will indeed play in the adaptation of the series of successful books A Spy By Nature by Kevin Macdonald, a project that might turn out to be a little too James Bond-like.

As for the choice of Chris Evans, focused on one of his former colleagues from the MCU with whom he played in Avengers: Age of Ultron in 2015, it is not trivial since Aaron Taylor-Johnson, seen recently in Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt, is definitely a favorite for the role. He would indeed be the current first choice of James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson. Indeed, a report, which resurfaced in January 2023, said producers had begun their search and Aaron Taylor-Johnson had been called in for a meeting. The actor himself was quick to respond to the rumour, neither confirming nor denying the story, only saying he was “flattered” to read the positive things written about him…

The producers, looking for someone in their thirties, could therefore well choose the latter, aged 32, for the role. However, the project itself does not seem concrete yet and still far from being filmed, which leaves Paul Mescal, 27, time to “grow old” and prepare – if however…

The many casting rumors have also mentioned Taron Egerton, Regé-Jean Page, Lucien Laviscount, Tom Hardy, Ralph Fiennes or even Henry Cavill to take over the coveted role – all British actors who would have the stature to take on such a role. whatever their age. Only time will tell who will be chosen to play the next James Bond.

In the meantime, Dying can wait is to be rediscovered on Amazon Prime Video.

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