James Franco: after accusations of harassment, he is back in the cinema

Absent from the screens since 2019 and accusations of abuse of power and sexual harassment, James Franco is preparing his return to the cinema: it will be in the film “Me, You” by Dane Bille August.

On January 7, 2018, James Franco received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his performance in The Disaster Artist, a film he directed behind the scenes of Tommy Wiseau’s nanar The Room, considered one of the worst movies of all time. A few weeks after the start of the Weinstein affair, the actor wore, like the majority of the guests, a badge of “Time’s Up”movement against sexual harassment founded by several Hollywood celebrities a few days earlier, this which did not fail to arouse strong reactions.

Because many people have not failed to point the finger at the hypocrisy of the actor and director. Starting with the women, including some of the students of his film school (since closed), who accused him of sexual harassment and abuse of power in the hours following his coronation. Facts that cost him an Oscar nomination, a possible golden statuette of which he was then one of the favorites and made him undesirable in Hollywood.

Absent from the screens since 2019 and the broadcast of the third and final season of the series The Deuce on HBO, James Franco has since found a financial arrangement with two of his accusers. And he is about to make his return to the cinema: in the historic film Me, You directed by Bille August, winner of the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival twice, thanks to Pelle le Conquérant and Les Meilleurs Intentions.

Adapted from the Italian novel You, Mio by Erri De Luca, the feature film will be set in 1950, just after the Second World War, and will follow the story of Marco, a 16-year-old native of London, who travels to Italy with his father, played by Tom Hollander (Pirates of the Caribbean). James Franco will play the fisherman and ex-military Nicola, who exerts a fascination on the young hero thanks to his stories of the conflict.

According to the synopsis, the summer that Marco lives will change his life in more ways than one, because it is also there that he meets the mysterious Caia (Daisy Jacob), still scarred by what her family suffered during the War. . Filming for Me, You is due to begin in September on the island of Ischia, Italy, where the story takes place. And the release should take place in 2023.

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