Jane Fonda, portrait of a young girl on fire

By dint of harassing her, she ended up answering: “Okay! See you on June 26 in Rome, at the Hotel de Russie. » It was like a bottle in the sea, this message, one of the hundreds she receives every day on social networks. Against all odds came an answer, an appointment, almost “on date”, as we say in English. A miracle, anyway. A signed line “xx Jane”: “xx” for “kiss”, in messaging language.

But is it really her? For weeks, his public relations adviser, Keleigh Thomas Morgan told us: ” Nope. No maintenance. » The actress is too busy. The agent, the manager, all these intermediaries of the star system, “parasites”as Henry Fonda said, did not even answer.

And this hotel, whose name makes people jump in these times. Russia, you say? Check on Google map. Yes, of course there is. The Hotel de Russie is even one of the largest palaces in the city, a stone’s throw from Piazza del Popolo, below the Villa Borghese gardens. A name inherited from the time when the court of the tsars descended there. In town, and already under lemon trees, romantic balustrades and statues.

A continent later, here is Rome. The city is at its best, languid but not yet overwhelmed by tourism. The actress has proposed a Sunday: she shoots all week, and the health protocol prohibits following her in the studio. The day before, the appointment was delayed because of a photo shoot. Then advanced: the photographer caught the Covid-19. The assistant took the shots, which does not seem to have impressed the star, who has occupied the greatest photographers since she was born.

Artist to the core

Jane is wearing an ordinary, gray tracksuit, branded “Somebody feed Phil”, the Netflix cooking series. No jewelry. Her hair is hidden by a Borsalino circled with a black ribbon; his face with a mask and sunglasses. Among the clientele lunching under the parasols, no one can suspect that this lady in a hooded sweatshirt, looking a little eccentric – long sleeves even though it is 37°C – is the actress who marks American history for more than half a century. Jane Fonda: 25.4 million pages on Google, sixty films, two Oscars (seven nominations), seven Golden Globes, an Emmy (five nominations), two Tony nominations for two plays on Broadway (at forty-nine years old apart), the Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute, the Cecil B. DeMille Award Golden Globes, an honorary Palme d’or at Cannes in 2007…

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