Janni Kusmagk: Honest confession from a triple mom – “I’m bursting into tears”

Janni Kusmagk
Honest words: “I can’t rest – not now”

Janni Kusmagk

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Peer and Janni Kusmagk have been parents of three since the beginning of September. A big challenge, as the former professional surfer explains on Instagram.

A quiet second just for yourself? Janni Kusmagk, 31, hasn’t been granted that for a few weeks. In September the Kusmagk family welcomed their third child: after Yoko, 2, and Emil-Ocean, 4, little Merlin is now part of their lives too. It is no secret that three little offspring are not easy – and yet women in particular often do not dare to talk about their fears, worries and the moments when they are overwhelmed. Janni is now going ahead with an extraordinary statement and proves: Even in the perfect Instagram world, not everyone is always rosy.

Janni Kusmagk: “People walk on me, but I can also grow and nourish”

Janni shares her honest words on a photo that she shows with her children on the beach. She carries little Merlin in front of her breast. Yoko and Emil-Ocean are scouring the beach for exciting opportunities. An image that radiates harmony, combined with lines that make it clear that snapshots can be deceptive.

“Damn it. I burst into tears. It’s the first moment of the day when nobody is on my arm,” the wife of Peer Kusmagk, 45, begins the social media post. At last nobody would pull her, call her, play with her or have something read to her. Finally time to take a deep breath – but certainly not for long. “But I can’t rest – not now. There is no place where I can call in sick, no ground to fall on – because I am the ground [sic]. And the double too. People walk on me, but I can also grow and nourish [sic]”, Janni writes on.

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Janni feels like tearing herself apart

An emotion that particularly troubles the 31-year-old: she feels like she has to choose between her children. Who needs his mother the most right now? Not being able to be there for all of their children at the same time gives them remorse. “I have to decide who to drop first. Because poor I only have two, and my strength has limits [sic]”, she sums it up.

In the comments there are lovely words from mothers and fathers who can understand the exhaustion and sensitivity of the Kusmagks, who have experienced them themselves. Many of the fans respond with gratitude to the honest lines. “Thank you for your strong words, come here at the right moment too,” a user addressed Janni directly. And as difficult as some days may be; Janni Kusmagk knows that all the efforts are worth it: for her children.

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