Jean-Luc Lahaye accused of rape: a shock report describes the singer as a “predator”

According to a report by experts, Jean-Luc Lahaye would have a “predator” profile. Conclusions rejected by the singer’s lawyers.

He was indicted for “rape of minors”. Imprisoned in the prison of Health on November 5, 2021, Jean-Luc Lahaye was released on May 24, 2022. Placed under judicial supervision with the conditions of the delivery of a deposit of 20,000 euros, an obligation to check in every 15 days in a police station and an obligation to reside in Paris, the singer has not finished with his legal setbacks. Indeed, according to the revelations of our colleagues from BFM TVan expert report revealed some instructive conclusions. “Reading the various testimonies and hearings, we can say that the relationship of influence between [les deux plaignantes] and the indicted can be characterized”, write the authors of the report, delivered to the investigating judge at the end of August.

According to the experts who carried out this expertise, the artist would have employed several “techniques” to put the two victims under his control. First, “a phase of seduction”, during which he attracts his fans on stage during his concerts. Then one “harassment phase” which consists of calling his fans incessantly and even at night. Following these two phases, he becomes a real “predator” by threatening and humiliating his victims.

Exchanges revealed

BFMTV unveils exchanges between Jean-Luc Lahaye and his victims : “‘If you want me to appreciate your photos, you will have to do more than that’. He always asked for more”, testified for example Roxane (her first name has been changed), one of the complainants”.About his sexual relations, experts go further by describing them as “an impulsive autoerotic relationship, a desire for possession, a desire to make the author the object of his own consumption. Available for his own pleasure.” The two young girls would have suffered a “‘escalation of injunctions regarding sex’, referring to imposed pornography or the demand for photos of them in obscene positions.”

Jean-Luc Lahaye’s lawyers dispute the report

On the side of the singer’s lawyers, this report is disputed. But the testimonies against their client are chilling. Indeed, for The Parisian, one of the complainants spoke of her trauma. On December 31, 2002, the young woman was invited to Jean-Luc Lahaye’s table: “He offers me champagne, explains that he is the boss, remembers Nadia. I accept”. When the singer asks her her age, she will lie and say that she is 16 years old: “He said to me: Ah, you’re a Lolita.” The singer will show her around his apartment and have sex with her.

The testimony of a plaintiff

Nadia claims to have “debated when he wanted (to) catch him”. “But I was totally helpless.” Ehe will meet again Jean-Luc Lahaye who will “as if nothing had happened. And me too in the end… I still can’t explain why. At the time, it’s as if I didn’t experience it as a rape? I even tell myself that it’s It’s my fault, that I shouldn’t have followed him…”.

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