Jean-Marie Bigard reveals his telephone conversation with Didier Raoult: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Since he announced to the whole world that chloroquine could save coronavirus patients, Professor Didier Raoult has become THE most controversial doctor of the moment. On the one hand, there are those who point to the lack of perspective and results around the effects of this treatment. Not seeing his discovery with a favorable eye, some would even go so far as to threaten him with death. On the other, his supporters do not hesitate to speak out publicly in defense of him. Among them, Eric Cantona supported him via a video shared on Twitter, but also Christian Estrosi treated with Covid-19 thanks to this drug known to fight against malaria or Laetitia Hallyday.

Jean-Marie Bigard is a fan

More recently, it was Jean-Marie Bigard who expressed his admiration on the same social network. After pledging on his behalf, the comedian heard from him. “For the moment, I had his assistant and I told him that I was looking forward to talking to Professor Raoult to scold my admiration, my love and my sympathy”, he announced. In a documentary devoted to the director of the IHU (Institut hospitalo-universitaire) Méditerranée Infection and broadcast in Balance your post on C8 on March 31, 2020, Lola Marois' companion made revelations about this long-awaited phone conversation.


The bat sketch

"We talked about the fact that he thanked me for supporting him. I said to him: 'It was with great pleasure of course'”, begins by explaining the actor. “And then he told me something funny. He said to me: ‘Throughout this whole story I only thought of one thing, it's your skit on the bat. " A sequence from one of his shows "Completely indicative of what happens in people's minds when you start to panic", would have analyzed the professor. In his joke, Jean-Marie Bigard launches: "I heard this morning to morning that there is a one in ten million chance of being bitten by a rabid bat." If the professor seems to be enjoying Jean-Marie Bigard's sketch, it is that at the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic, there were many rumors that the virus originated from a bat.

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