Jeanne Balibar in tears in front of her ex Mathieu Almaric: “We loved each other so much”

When we think of Mathieu Amalric and his career, it’s hard not to see Jeanne Balibar with him: the director and actor and his ex-wife (tonight in Captain Marleau on France 2) have extremely linked careers. Both have notably played together in their first film and have followed each other for more than twenty-five years now, finding themselves on the screen from time to time, for their greatest happiness and despite a separation in the city since 2003, after two children.

Reunion that they had mentioned in the show We are not in bedin 2017, when their film Barbara, directed by Mathieu Amalric and in which they played the role. Beginning her interview by stating that she “really likes having Mathieu as a playmate“, Jeanne Balibar then made a very nice statement to the father of her two sons, Antoine and Pierre, now aged 25 and 23.

His great quality is his look, that’s what makes me think he’s a great actor and a great director.“, she had told. But it was when the two columnists, Christine Angot and Yann Moix had begun to give their opinion on the film that the emotion rose a notch: very touched by the compliments made to their project, both were left speechless, on the verge of tears (see the video in our slideshow).

Compared to Anna Karenina and Jean-Luc Godard, who had had the same reaction when they separated, the former couple had then firmly denied, still as moved, to have fallen in love again on the set. However, Jeanne Balibar and Mathieu Amalric then had a nice answer: “We loved each other so much that we loved each other’s happiness and we always wanted to do something again..

Very accomplices on the other hand, they had said to have made their debut together and played a separation in the film End of August, beginning of September, while they were still together, a situation that had made them laugh a lot. Note that Mathieu Amalric only had his ex-wife play in two of his projects, and that she had given him a role in her film Wonders in Montfermeilreleased in 2020.

Since their separation, each has rebuilt his life: Mathieu Amalric shares his days with the Canadian conductor Barbara Hannigan and Jeanne Balibar with the German director Frank Castorf.

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