Jessica Paszka reveals emotional abuse in a toxic relationship

Toxic relationship
Jessica Paszka reveals emotional abuse in her past

Toxic relationships can often occupy those affected for years and are usually difficult to come to terms with.


When we love someone, we like to overlook one or the other weaknesses in our partner’s character. However, when these compromises become too one-sided and only one party benefits from the relationship, the partnership becomes toxic. Jessica Paszka reports on such an experience in the video.

When Jessica Paszka took part in Let’s Dance in 2018, it seemed to be going well for her professionally and privately. But appearances were deceptive: While she gave everything week after week in the dance show, she said she was stuck in a toxic relationship. She even speaks of emotional abuse.

Jessica Paszka: “I was a wreck”

In the meantime she has been able to recover from the experiences and is very happy in her current relationship. Born in Essen, she now lives in Ibiza with her fiancé Johannes Haller and her daughter. In her Instagram story, she reported on her experiences in 2018 and how she was able to recover from the emotionally one-sided partnership with professional help. You can see more about this in the video.