Jessie J: Emotional appearance after her miscarriage

Jessie J
Emotional appearance after her miscarriage

Jessie J lost her baby.

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Hardly any time passed between the diagnosis and the concert: Jessie J is back on stage after the miscarriage and sometimes cries unrestrainedly.

It was a memorable and emotional appearance by Jessie J (33). Just one day after the announcement of her miscarriage, the singer was back on stage in Los Angeles. She couldn’t hold back her tears and sometimes cried unrestrainedly. Recordings prove that which among other things published the “Daily Mail”. “I decided to have a baby myself and miraculously it worked for a short time, and then yesterday everything was fucking shit,” she said, sobbing during the concert.

It was by far the toughest year of her life. Everything started with health problems in winter. She initially suffered hearing loss due to a chronic inner ear disease. Later she had problems with her voice and now she has also lost a child. “I’ve never felt so alone,” said Jessie J about her current state of mind.

The unborn child no longer had a heartbeat

Nevertheless, she is already looking ahead again: “I know that I will be fine because I really have no other choice when it comes to this life.” In 2014, the singer announced in an interview that she could not get pregnant naturally. She had known that for a few years, she explained at the time.

The Londoner announced on Wednesday evening via Instagram known to have lost her unborn baby. The day before, she had been to her third ultrasound scan, during which the doctors could no longer detect a heartbeat. She is in shock, but wants to go back to the stage immediately.


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