Jesta Hillmann renovates part of his house: before / after bluffing, Internet users cannot believe it

Jesta was quick to reveal it in turn on Instagram. This Saturday, July 2, the mother of Juliann and Adriann unveiled a video in which a before / after of the scullery is proposed: “I know you were looking forward to this real, here it is!The result is stunning and above all very modern. Gray and wood furniture, plants, state-of-the-art equipment. A perfect transformation that Internet users could only applaud: “But in fact, it’s a second kitchen, not a scullery!“, “Back kitchen ? I want her in the main kitchen“, “It’s lovely“, “Wonderful“, “It looks completely like another room, it’s crazy, it enlarges the space crazy!

This incredible change had almost the same effect as the one Jesta unveiled last May. After two children, the ex-adventurer had shown herself in front of the camera, before and after her weight loss, leaving subscribers speechless. His secret? Healthy recipes that she has compiled in her new cookbook, Jestatouille 2 : “I finally managed to find my body in which I feel good with these new recipes which constitute my famous Jestatouille number 2! So much work done to get here, I’m even more proud.” A victory that deserves a new totem!

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