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Johannes B. Kerner: Moderator survived Corona disease well

The moderator Johannes B. Kerner (55, "Kocht !: At the stove with the best of the best") was one of the first German celebrities to become infected with the corona virus and make the disease public. In the meantime, however, he was symptom-free and "had a very flat course overall", as he reveals as a video guest in the sky program "Matze Knops Homeoffice", which was spontaneously launched.

"I was positive and I got through it," said Kerner. He was therefore already in the fresh air again, which obviously led to a small scene in a supermarket: "Then two employees approached me and said: We heard that you were positive. Are you healthy now? ? " To reassure them, however, he was able to present an "official letter from the Hamburg Health Office" stating that he was officially released from the quarantine.

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