Johansson’s last case: broadcast dates & stream in May and June 2024


This is how you can watch the Sky crime series on TV and in the stream – all broadcast dates

In the crime series “Johansson’s Last Case” from Sky Krimi, the retired police chief wants to solve one last murder case at all costs. All streaming information and broadcast dates can be found here.

In the Swedish crime series “Johansson’s last case” (or “The Dying Detective”) from Sky Krimi is about the in retirement departed head of the Swedish National Police, Lars Martin Johansson (Rolf Lassgard). However, his former life full of stress and unhealthy food is now starting to take revenge on him.

After he wakes up in the hospital after a stroke and is closer to death than ever before, he hears a terrible story from a neurologist. In one never solved case 30 years ago a nine-year-old was raped and murdered. Johansson’s old ones jump straight away Investigator instincts and light a fire in him. Now he has set his mind on this to solve the last case without compromise – be it from his deathbed.

The Sky crime miniseries can currently only be watched in stream on Wow or Sky Go. When the series is broadcast again on Sky Krimi or other channels, you will find out in our subsequent overview together with the current broadcast dates.

Johansson’s last case

In a nutshell, the most important information about the channel, broadcast time, broadcast dates and stream availability for Johansson’s last case.

  • Johansson’s last case is on Sky Krimi
  • Johansson’s last case can be streamed
  • There will be no new episodes broadcast in May and June
  • There are also no repeats shown
  • No episodes available in the media library

Broadcast dates and times for Johansson’s last case

The show usually runs on Sky Krimi. However, we couldn’t find any broadcast dates for “Johansson’s Last Case” in May and June.

If we know the information about the next episodes of Johansson’s last case, you will see it in the broadcast date list above. Providers such as RTL+ and Joyn offer episodes in advance for some series and shows in their own live TV apps a few days before they are broadcast on TV. In this case you can see them exclusively online beforehand.

This is how you can see Johansson’s last case in the live stream

In principle, Sky Krimi can be received over the Internet via TV streaming services. This means you not only get “Johansson’s Last Case”, but also the complete live stream from Sky Krimi with all the programs – legally.

If you use one of the following online television offers, you can watch Sky Krimi online. All TV streaming providers also have an iOS and Android app with which you can watch Sky Krimi live on your mobile device. Most providers even offer you apps for Android TV, Samsung Tizen and Amazon Fire TV. We have provided details on this on the respective provider pages.


Johansson’s final case live stream received via Wow

Cheapest at Wow in the “Movies & Series” package. There you can watch Johansson’s last case in the live stream.

from €5.98/month To the test report

Sky Q

The streaming services can be used without any problems in Germany and the EU. Outside the EU, it is advisable to use a VPN service. You can find suitable services in our overview of the best VPN providers. They may also help you with poor connections or throttled lines.

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