Johnny Hallyday: this man who maintains the rocker’s grave in Saint-Barthélemy when Laeticia is not there

Saturday January 8, 2022, in 50 ‘Inside, Jean-Pierre Millot confided as rarely. He is the man who lights all the candles and garlands that decorate Johnny Hallyday’s grave at nightfall on the island of Saint-Barth.

Despite his death in 2017, Johnny Hallyday does not leave the thoughts of his most loyal fans. Regularly, Laeticia Hallyday organizes vigils on the rocker’s grave in Saint-Barthélémy. The singer and his wife had their habits on this paradise island for many years. The choice to be buried in this cemetery, with the ocean as a landscape, was obvious to the artist and his family. When she is on the island, Laeticia Hallyday visits the burial place of her late husband, surrounded by her friends and her daughters.

In July 2021, it was on the occasion of Joy’s thirteenth birthday that those close to Johnny Hallyday gathered around his grave: “Thirteen years ago, you were born and at the same time you were going to turn our lives upside down. 13 years of hugs, sweet words, happiness with you my little angel who seemed to pass so quickly you have made our lives so much brighter, more beautiful and more intense “Laeticia Hallyday wrote on Instagram.

Johnny’s grave watched over by his friends

Since the funeral of Johnny Hallyday, his grave is very decorated. Flower necklaces, jewelry, candles but also light garlands cover the white tomb. A place full of poetry that is maintained by a man in the shadows. The one who usually does not grant any interview has exceptionally agreed to confide in the cameras of 50 ‘Inside, Saturday January 8, 2022. Jean-Pierre Millot, inhabitant of the island and editor, met Johnny Hallyday many years ago. Like a loyal friend, he comes every evening “at sunset” light all the candles and the fairy lights that adorn the grave. “I do it for a thousand and one reasons but above all so fans can sleep easy. To show them that Johnny Hallyday was right to choose Saint-Barth“, he explained to TF1.

Like him, Liliane Jossua, a very close friend of Laeticia Hallyday, regularly watches over the rocker’s grave: “Johnny had been coming for years. He wanted to rest in peace on this island. It was his choice. It’s wonderful to see him alive through this place“. A great way to continue to pay tribute to him.

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