Judith Godrèche affair, Rachida Dati does not mince her words: “I believe in justice”

In the heart of the 49th Cesar ceremony, during which Judith Godrèche courageously spoke out concerning sexual violence in cinema, the accusations of rape that the actress takes against the directors Jacques Doillon And Benoît Jacquot find a particular resonance. It is in this context that Rachida Dati, current Minister of Culture, present at the prestigious ceremony, spoke about the affair in an exclusive interview granted to the magazine French movie, published this Friday, February 23. The minister and best enemy of Anne Hidalgo was not content to support the cause of Judith Godrèche, she launched a resounding call for legal action against sex crimes.

“This is not a reality that I am discovering today. It’s not for nothing that I became a magistrate. I believe in justice. These crimes, when they are not prescribed, which is unfortunately often the case, must be be punishedunderlined the minister, highlighting her personal and professional journey which led her to this firm conviction, before continuing, without mincing words: “Creative freedom is total but here we don’t talk about art, we are talking about child crime. Having sexual relations with a minor under the age of fifteen is a crime.As a reminder, at the beginning of February 2023, in the wake of her revelations, Judith Godrèche filed a complaint against the two directors, in particular for “rape of a minor under 15”.

Godrèche affair: before Rachida Dati, another politician spoke

In the wake of this speech, Clémentine Autain, MP for La France Insoumise, also spoke, expressing her support for Judith Godrèche. Invited to the microphone of France Inter this Friday, February 23, she highlighted the importance of victims’ voices in the fight against sexual and gender-based violencewhile criticizing the complicit silence of certain major figures in cinema. “I would like to send him all my sympathy, my encouragement, and my courage too. […] It’s a problem that we unfortunately know throughout society, in the political world too, because basically, the question that is asked is that of powershe declared, highlighting the need for collective awareness.

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