Julia Vignali (“Affaire Conclue”): this precious external help on which the host can count: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

After being at the head of Kindergartens, The Best Pastry Chef or Telematin, Julia Vignali has launched a new challenge. Since the start of the school year, the 48-year-old host has been at the head ofDeal doneon France 2. As a reminder, if Sophie Davant was very attached to the show that she had hosted since 2017, she could not continue to present it by accepting the offer from Europe 1. “The management of France Télévisions has decided: it is impossible to be on TV and radio at the same time!”she indicated in the magazine S by Sophie Davant, Wednesday July 5, 2023. One month after making her debut at the helm of the show broadcast late in the afternoon, Julia Vignali went to the set of C to youon France 5. I am very proud to succeed Sophie Davant and very proud that the graft has taken place with this show. It works and I like it!, she indicated with a smile. If Kad Merad’s wife had been coached by his son, Luigi (born in 2008) to present The Best Pastry Chefthis time she can count on her stepson, Kalil (born in 2004), a flea market fan!

Julia Vignali: “It’s in a very 30s-40s style”

On the set of the show, the host spoke fondly of her stepson. “I wouldn’t say he guides me, but he is very proud that his mother-in-law has become a flea market lady! He has a very 30s-40s style so I regularly take him to the set and he attends the filming”she declared, before letting out in a burst of laughter: “He doesn’t buy things, but I would like him to sell them because his room is very full!” When Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine asked her if it would be possible, Julia Vignali replied: “I think that the regulations should not prohibit it! I didn’t find out…” Monday September 18, 2023, in the columns of We both, the former sidekick of Thomas Sotto had revealed not knowing about auctions. “I have no passion for antiques except for my husband”, she indicated with humor. His son-in-law likes to spend time in flea markets, there would be a strict rule at home… “When one object goes in, another comes out”the magazine reported.

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