Julien swings to a song by Jean-Jacques Goldman, his son prefers to laugh about it

As the Star Academy season 11 finale approaches, one of the two students still in the competition made a remark in front of the director, Michael Goldman, about a song written by his father Jean-Jacques Goldman.

The second semi-final of star Academy has its share of surprises in store. Apart from the Helena’s defeatfor the benefit of Rock who joins Julian in final of this season 11, the rapper GIMS caused unease. Also, a performance with British star Sophie Ellis-Bextor was disrupted by an incident and host Nikos Aliagas took everyone by surprise with a confusing announcement. All these events led Patrick Bruel to give a clear opinion at the time of the debrief, at the Château de Dammarie-lès-Lys where he went to speak with the two finalists after this second semi-final.

He is not the only one to have taken the time to discuss with the academicians since the director of the class of 2023, Michael Goldman, wanted to have dinner with them in the company of the entire faculty. What was supposed to be a moment of sharing could have turned into a settling of scores after Julien’s declarations…

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Which guests for the final of star Academy ?

The 24-year-old from Palois took the liberty an observation during this dinner about the anthem of this 11th season of star Academy, At the end of my dreamswritten and composed by Jean-Jacques Goldmanthen published in 1982 on the album Minority before becoming the hit we know the following year. Indeed, when leaving the table to join the piano and sing this piece, Julien affirmed that he was not not really a big fan of it. Rather embarrassed, Michael Goldman preferred to immediately change the conversation to avoid, perhaps, a delicate situation which could have turned into a tragedy.

Could viewers hold it against him when it comes time to vote? Next Saturday, the grand final of star Academy will take place in the presence of several guests including the godmother Vitaawho is preparing to hit the road again for an event tour of the album Charlotte in the pocket. We will find at his side Yseultjust like the rappers Dadju And Taycas well as Patrick Fiorirenewed for season 10 of The Voice Kids, and great friend of Jean-Jacques Goldman. Together, they collaborated on several songs including the timeless Four words on a piano… Could Julien’s remark resurface during the prime?


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