Juliette Armanet attacks Michel Sardou, Sheila has obviously chosen her side

At the heart of the controversy between Juliette Armanet and Michel Sardou, the singer Sheila took a stand. In any case, this is what she seems to want to imply in an Instagram story shared this Tuesday, August 15.

A controversy that we did not expect. On Monday August 7, in an interview with the Belgian media Tipik, Juliette Armanet took on the song Connemara Lakes, by Michel Sardo. To a question about the music that would make her run away from an evening, the singer did not mince her words. “Three times The Lakes of Connemama. It’s the scout, sectarian side, the music is filthy“, she said. “It’s right, nothing goes. It’s really a song that disgusts me“, she had specified.

Words that had quickly makes the canvas react. Jacques Revaux, the composer of Connemara Lakesalso spoke on August 14 at the microphone of BFM-TV. He then defended his song and criticized the words of the interpreter of the Last day of disco. “Everyone has the right to say what they think, but politely”, he first pointed out. Before continuing:His ridiculous remark is not worthy of an artist. What she does isn’t really my cup of tea, but I would never allow myself to say that his songs stink of sweat. I don’t know who she thinks she is. Sing, sing well, sing good songs and shut up.”

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A growing controversy

Juliette Armanet has however received the support of Nicolas Mathieuthe author of several books including the novel Connemara. “We have the right to hate what we want, nothing is sacred, even less in art. Let’s leave Juliette Armanet alone. If Michel Sardou is undoubtedly a monument of French song, she is also a great singer.“, he explained in the columns of the Parisian on August 14th.

This Tuesday, August 15, it’s now the singer Sheila who seems to have chosen her side between Juliette Armanet and Michel Sardou. In his story instagramthe icon of the yéyé years chose to share a video of Jacques Revaux during his visit to BFM-TV. In this extract, it stated that “Mademoiselle Armanet would do better to sing than to pronounce definitively revolting words”. A position that seems clear.

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