Jurassic Park: Laura Dern and Sam Neill’s romance would have been impossible today!

Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, played by Sam Neill and Laura Dern in “Jurassic Park”, are one of those movie couples who have a big age difference. A gap of 19 years that their interpreters recently mentioned in an interview.

Despite the 19 years that separate their interpreters Sam Neill and Laura Dern, paleontologist Alan Grant and paleobotanist Ellie Sattler form a couple in the first Jurassic Park, released in 1993.

While the (a little stormy) relationship shared by their characters had ended up eroding and their paths had finally separated, they will nevertheless both be back in the last installment of the saga, Jurassic World: The World of after, in theaters from June 8.

Recently interviewed by the London Times, the two actors had the opportunity to look back on their memories of the shoot, and in particular on the significant age difference that existed between them, and between their characters. A discrepancy which, at the time the film was shot, had not seemed problematic to them at all:

“I’m 20 years older than Laura! Which, at the time, was a very appropriate age difference between two main characters.said Sam Neill.

(…) It had never crossed my mind until I opened a magazine and came across an article titled ‘Old geezers and gals’ (‘The old geezers and the girls’). Actors like Harrison Ford or Sean Connery who played with much younger actresses. And I was on the list. I thought, ‘Come on! That can’t be true!'”

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Laura Dern, who describes this relationship as “completely inappropriate” but who nevertheless explains having found “completely appropriate” of falling in love with Sam Neill at the time, says of her side:

“It’s only now, as we return to a time of cultural awakening on patriarchy, that I’m like, ‘Wow! Aren’t we the same age?'”

The two stars of Jurassic Park, who had already briefly found each other in 2001, the time of a short sequence in the third opus (where their characters were now separated), will soon be on the poster of Jurassic World: The World of afterwards, alongside Jeff Goldblum, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard.

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