Jürgen Drews: He and his wife "spend every free minute together"

Jürgen Drews has been married to his wife Ramona for 25 years. In the interview, the singer talks about the secret of their love.

Jürgen Drews ("Ein Bett im Kornfeld") not only had his 75th birthday this year, but is also celebrating his 60th stage anniversary. For the occasion, he recorded a special album with new versions of his greatest hits. On Friday (October 23rd) the "Ultimate Jubilee Best-of" will appear, on which many other stars such as Ben Zucker (37), Kerstin Ott (38), Matthias Reim (62), Otto Waalkes (72) and Howard will appear Carpendale (74) can be heard in duets with him.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Jürgen Drews talks about his marriage to Mrs. Ramona (47) and about his daughter Joelina (25), who herself is making a career in music as JOEDY ("Hangover"). He also reveals how he thinks about retirement after the Corona crisis has already put him on "compulsory pension".

Mr. Drews, your "Ultimate Anniversary Best Of Album" will be released on October 23rd. How do you look back on your career?

Jürgen Drews: Looking back, I would always say "Everything was best". This is not only the name of a song of mine, which I sing with Howard Carpendale on the album, and my book – the title also describes exactly what I think. Not everyone is allowed to walk such a path and I have never planned anything. A lot happened to me by chance. I am really very grateful for that.

Of course her hit "Ein Bett im Kornfeld" is also on the album. Can you still hear the song at all?

Drews: Yeah, absolutely. I still like to sing it. It all began with this title. On the album I sing him with Ben Zucker, which gives the title a whole new note. And I think the version turned out really cool.

This year's Mallorca season almost completely fell through due to the Corona crisis. Did you feel very sad about it?

Drews: To be honest, it was good for me personally to come down like that. I lived in the fast lane for many years and was always on the move. It was strange, but I finally had time for my family, for my garden. Of course I miss the stage, but we have no choice.

The music industry is struggling with major losses in the Corona crisis. How badly does the pandemic hit the Mallorca singers?

Drews: Really tough. I don't want to swap places with the younger artists who haven't been in business as long as I have. At least I had the opportunity to create a few reserves over many years, but they didn't have the chance yet. But that doesn't just apply to the Mallorca artists, but to all artists. Unfortunately we haven't been able to work since March.

In your opinion, what long-term effects will the Corona crisis have on Ballermann?

Drews: It's hard to say. At the moment it looks like there won't be much left of the Ballermann after Corona. You can't hold out that long. The fixed costs continue to run. As long as there is still no vaccine, the tremor for livelihoods will remain.

You celebrated your 75th birthday this year. Does this number bother you?

Drews: Yes. But also because I don't feel like I'm 75 at all. Only very rarely (laughs). That is a proud number. But Ramona always says, I have to be grateful that I was allowed to live that old in the first place. And so am I. I always say, if there really is someone up there, then thank you for being so kind to me.

Have you ever thought about retirement?

Drews: Yes, many times. And at the moment even more than usual. I'm already in a forced pension due to Corona. Sometimes I feel like I've got out. I spend a lot of time in my garden, but I still like to be creative in the studio. So don't worry, nobody will get rid of me that quickly. Now, first of all, my new album is coming, which I'm really looking forward to, and then we'll see what's to come.

Her daughter Joelina is already standing on her own two feet as a pop singer. How proud are you of her?

Drews: We are very proud of our daughter. But that's – I think – normal too. She goes her way.

Would you have wished for another job for her?

Drews: It was always important to us that Joelina does what makes her happy professionally. She could have chosen any other profession. We gave her all the freedom. But from an early age she loved music. Even in kindergarten, she loved singing and wanted to have singing lessons from an early age. We were happy to support that. For Joelina it was already clear well before graduating from high school that she wanted to embark on a musical career. She has a really great voice. There is also a duet with her on my album, which means a lot to me. When she gets into the title, I always have to try to think of something else, otherwise tears will spring to my eyes every time. It always grabs me so much that I just can't help it.

You have been married to your wife Ramona since 1995. What's the secret of your love?

Drews: Ramona and I love each other like on the first day and spend every free minute together. When I'm out and about and haven't seen her for a few hours, I already miss her. And you feel the same way. We always treat each other very respectfully. Of course we also have discussions, I don't want to call that arguing, but always on an equal footing and without insults. Always factual. We cannot do otherwise. We are just made for each other.

What is the most important thing for you to keep love fresh?

Drews: It's just the little appreciative gestures we give to each other every day. With us, not a day goes by when we don't say "I love you" to each other. We both find it important to show the other how important they are to you. Ramona already beams at me in the morning when she brings me my latte macchiato. The sun rises for me and I can't help but smile.