Kader Loth: She is suffering so badly from her corona infection


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She is suffering so badly from her corona infection

Kader Loth in Berlin at the end of 2019

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Kader Loth reports on her bad corona symptoms, which she had even taken to the hospital in the meantime.

Kader Loth (47) is still doing very badly. The ex-jungle camper announced to her followers a few days ago on Instagram that she had been infected with the corona virus. Even then, she was afraid for her life. Since then, the course of the disease does not seem to have decreased dramatically.

In a recent Instagram story, she reports that she is so bad that she cannot describe it. "Can't even cry because I don't have the strength," said the 47-year-old. On Monday night, she was even with a severe fever, vomiting and lung pain in the hospital, as she told "Bild" on Thursday.

She is now lying at home with chills and a cough and takes 1000 milligrams of paracetamol every six hours. "If I have severe shortness of breath again, I have to go straight back to the clinic." Her doctor had also warned her that there could be consequential damage. "My lungs will now be X-rayed for the first time in two weeks," says Loth.