Karine Le Marchand, not gentle with Justine and Patrice, “we didn’t show everything”

Karine Le Marchand goes back and reports how the story between Patrice and Justice began, which was strongly criticized for its authoritarian behavior. The host reveals that certain scenes were cut during editing…

The results of the 18th season of Love is in the meadow is more than mixed, Karine Le Marchand confirmed it herself. The star host invited the farmers that viewers had followed on M6 every week throughout the last three months to ask them if they had found the rare gem during their television adventure. Unfortunately, few of them answered in the affirmative… Indeed, Anaïs finally separated from Thomas. But she formed friendships with one of her long-lost suitors after her speed dating. For his part, Romeo preferred to put an end to his romance with Sophie, and Corinne, like Véronique, the respective suitors of Olivier and Charles, decided to radically change their look after the end of the show, as if to film the page…

For his part, Jean-Paul attracted the wrath of viewers, because of his behavior towards Maria, like Justinethe pretender of Patriceof which the behavior was harshly judged and described as authoritarian. Karine Le Marchand also pointed this out during the review filmed on the Île de Ré. However, the Norman farmer is the only one to appear in front of the host with Justine, cropped during this high-tension interview.

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Cut scenes during editing?

Karine Le Marchand had already spoken out about this emerging couple and had made it known that Patrice himself had suggested that he needed her support for Justine to take the place that should be hers. Asked by Franceinfo on Monday November 27, the 55-year-old Lorraine made new revelations about the couple revealed in Love is in the meadow. While Patrice gave Justine a month to change completely, we learned that certain scenes were cut during editing by the production. We didn’t show everything more, it was worseshe said in the preamble.

Karine Le Marchand then made a long plea which did not go unnoticed, far from it… “Imagine that you have your best friend who is going out with a bitch. Do you tell him? He is madly in love, he wants to stay with her and you tell him nicely once, twice… There, for Justine and Patrice, we could see that Justine had behaviors that were not appropriate to a love story and that Patrice did not take his courage in both hands to set limits, she added. Karine Le Marchand then emphasized that she and other members of her team had had “fear that there will be some kind of abuse of weakness” on the part of Justine, against Patrice.

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End clap for Karine Le Marchand!

However, Karine Le Marchand wanted to point out that the production had monitored the evolution of the situation, between Justine and Patrice, whose family and friends were destabilized by certain facts. “We monitor as much as possible”she said. “We have a psychologist, we offered to send her there. She spoke to both of them a lot. They both have difficult pasts so it’s complicated to be a couple too”, she was willing to admit. She then confided between the lines that her mission ended there. “We’re not at their house, we don’t know. There are couples who seem super united and it’s a disaster for them. IThey have free will. They do what they want, it’s their lifeshe finally concluded.


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